Monday, November 17, 2008

Good use of Audio

A website that I believe that makes good use of audio is a website that we have discussed in class several times. On August 1, 2007, the bridge on 35W in Minnesota collapsed suddenly. For 13 seconds in August people traveling across the bridge would experience an event they never though possible.

This website begins with an introduction of different clips of audio including sirens, a woman talking to herself and people screaming. As the website shows the visuals of the bridge, you can hear these different events going on. After the introduction the website leaves you with a long picture of the bridge after it collapsed with all of the cars sitting on it still. The site allows you to click on the different cars and read about the person that was in that car. Some of the cars have an audio clip with it.

When you hear the people talk about their story, you can hear the pain in their voice. It makes the event seem so real and you make a better connection with their feelings. If the website just had stories to read about each person affected by the collapse, you wouldn't get as emotional as you do when you hear them talk about it. The thing that is nice about this website is not only do you get to hear what they are saying, but you get to see them as well. Something journalists could focus on would be including a visual with the audio to add more to the emotion.

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