Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's That Time Again...

The beginning of the semester only means one thing for Greek Life at Towson: time for recruitment. For this blog I'm going to focus on the sororities of Towson University. Each fall all eight sororities participate in the formal fall rush. However, in the springtime, depending on if each sorority met quota or not, they may have a formal or informal spring recruitment.

This year only four sororities participated in spring rush. Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Sigma Sigma and Zeta Tau Alpha were the four groups that decided to add more women to their sorority.

Spring recruitment began on Friday, February 13th, where all the Potential New Members (PNMs) were able to go to the University Union and meet all of the sororities at Table Night to get a feel for a first impression of each different sorority.

"We didn't participate in spring rush this year because we met quota in the fall," sophomore Jenny Balsamo said. "Recruitment is very stressful so it's nice to be able to take the semester off."

Each sorority got the option to choose to hold their events on or off campus. They also were able to decide if they wanted to just hold their parties over Valentine's Day weekend or hold events throughout the entire week.


Geneane R. Johnson said...

I thought your blog was relevant and the picture was very appropriate. Also, I want to learn more about greek life on campus. can't wait to read more.

Ariel Gononsky said...

You're post on recruitment was interesting and I think the picture you put goes along well and adds humor about recruitment.