Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Wall Street Journal" Formula

What exactly is the "Wall Street Journal" Formula? It consists of four main sections:

  1. The story typically opens with a specific example
  2. A nut graf relates that example to a ore general point and explains what the story is about
  3. The body of the story provides support for the general point
  4. The story typically ends with another anecdote or description - often featuring the person or people featured in the lead - or speculates on a future development related to the lead

I found a story in the Washington Post that implies this formula. This article contains all of the four sections that is described in a "Wall Street Journal" Formula. The opening paragraph in the story is very specific. The nut graf explains in great detail what the story is about followed by the body of the story which includes quotes from the main character of the article. The story concludes with a quote, which may not be the best ending for this type of formula, but it ends with an interesting description and leaves the reader wanting to continue with the story.

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