Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Towson's Zetas Recognized Nationwide

Okay so it's a little cliche that I'm talking about my sorority for my first beat but the semester just started, so there hasn't been a whole lot of Greek news in The Towerlight. Themis is the nationwide magazine for sisters, alumni and parents for Zeta Tau Alphas across the U.S. Each ZTA chapter sends in updates, photos and achievements to the magazine in hope that it will be published in on of the four issues sent out each year.

In the Winter 2009 edition Iota Delta (Towson's Zeta chapter) was recognized for their amazing dedication and efforts shown at the 1oth anniversary of the Redskin's Think Pink game. 70 members of Towson's ZTA attended the game at FedEx Field on October 12. At the game more than 42,000 Think Pink ribbons were handed out to Redskins fans thanks to the ZTA sisters.

I agree with the reporter that what we did was remarkable and very inspirational but I think it would add more to the article if there was a quote from one of the Zeta sisters. Philanthropy events mean a lot more to us than people would expect and hearing a direct quote from a sister about how the day affected her would probably be more heart touching to the reader. There is a picture of someone places the pin on someone's chest but I think a more effective picture would be one of the sister's interacting with the fans before the game. Seeing how many people supported us and our efforts to help fight breast cancer is ultimately breathtaking.

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