Monday, September 8, 2008

Blog #2

Outstanding Portfolio:
The outstanding portfolio that I chose was Kelly West, a staff photographer. When I first heard about blogs I had only pictured them to be websites where people just write about their feelings on all kinds of topics, but after looking at hers I soon discovered that I was wrong. Kelly's blog doesn't write out how she feels or who she is, but shows through pictures the type of person that she truly is. Just by looking at her photos, I can tell that Kelly West is very proud of where she is from (Texas). Many of her photos take place in Texas. What makes them so special though is that you can tell that the photos all have different meanings to them. Her photos range from football game pictures to pictures of children at a deaf school. What I really appreciate about her photos is that in the gallery she has an explanation and background information about the photos which helps me to relate to them more and understand her emotion behind the camera.
The most obvious equipment that Kelly would have in her backpack would be a camera. She shares her emotions through her photos and you never know when you may come across something that may inspire you. She may possible even carry around with her a digital video camera to capture movement and emotion in a tape. In case her camera were to die, she would always have a set of extra batteries on her and a disposable camera. You never know what may happen and it's always best to be prepared and she seems like she would be the type to be very prepared in any situation like a true photographer.
Elements Of Style:
I have never heard of the book "Elements of Style" but after reading through it online I think it it'll be a very smart investment of mine to get it. Everyone going into journalism should read this or get a copy of it. "Elements of Style" basically breaks down the basics of journalism and how you should be writing properly. Even the smallest things like when to use a comma or not are so critical when it comes to journalism. Things like that are very annoying, especially grammar, but it's something you must look out for. Especially if you want to be a respected journalist.
I honestly think that "Elements of Style" is claiming Jared Silfie to be an unprofessional journalist. I've only read a few of his posts but for the most part, I don't believe that he would fit under what "Elements of Style" is promoting. His topics are so random and he completely ignores the elementary principles of composition which is what I honestly think is the basics to journalism. If you're going to be a journalist you should at least know how to construct your paragraphs! I could just go on and on about how he breaks so many rules when it comes to composition. Does "hack it up" sound like something a professional would say? No. They are needless words, something the elementary principles of composition says to omit. He also has many loose sentences.
When it comes to composition, Silfie definitely misses out; however, his posts are very interesting and I respect the fact that he can speak his mind and be fine with it. That is one thing that I do respect for him. He is given as an example of a blogger in our class out of million of people, so I guess he must be a decent journalist.


Jenny said...

I think you did a very good job on this particular blog, especially on the second portion where you analyzed the book "Elements of Style," and how it pertains to Jared Silfies. I like how you were very honest in analyzing his work in that you weren't afraid to say that you thought he was "unprofessional." You also gave very good examples as to why you thought he was unprofessional and why the author of "Elements of Style," would agree with you.

Regarding the first part of your blog, I believe you also did a very good job. You went above and beyond what you were asked to answer and even gave your personal opinion on the portfolio. You also did a very good job of describing Kelly West so that a reader who may not know who she is can get a good idea of the type of writing she does.

I agree with you about what would be in her mobile journalism kit. Your ideas were very practical and you gave reasoning and good support for each item that you named. Great job Katelyn!!!

Getting all your Eggs in one Basket said...

I agree , with most of the things said about Kelly's blog. her photography is very unique, and shows a wide variety of different places and things. I agree that Kelly West probably is a very prepared women, because her photographes seem to be taken all over.