Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog #6 - Twitter!

The first Twitter I looked at was musicboy232. All of his headlines are written in active voice and are set up in the form of object-verb-subject. They all are concise, but fully explain the story and gave me knowledge as to what the story was about. Each of the summaries answer all of the 5 W’s and H. For example, the first story: who – Towson students, what – starting to recycle, when – now, where – Towson University, why – because recycling is good! How – there will be single stream recycling containers.

The second Twitter I checked out was lmarti10. Their headlines were also written correctly in active voice as the first one I read and each fully explained the story concisely. Their summaries also followed the 5 W’s and H guidelines. An example: who – Sean Schaefer, what – had many turnovers, when – last weekend, where – Towson University, why – because he had an off game, how – same thing as why basically.

The last Twitter I looked at was jceccorulli. All of her headlines were in active voice and gave me a concise explanation of the story, as the past two did. Her summaries answered the 5 W’s and H so I was able to further understand the story. An example for her : who – university system, what – many professors will be laid off, where – Towson University, when – in the near future, why – potential budget cut, how – answered in why as well.

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