Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog #5 - Press Release/Original Reporting

Press Release:

Journalists and PR practitioners may not agree on many things but when it comes to news releases, they can be the best of friends. Which is a good thing considering I am double tracking in Journalism and PR. However, that's not the point. Luckily The Baltimore Sun is so easy for me to read online because The NY Times online confuses me, it's just too crowded. But right on the first page online of The Baltimore Sun I found the perfect news article that I believe and know was generated by a press release: "Target gives city $300,000." And there's even a picture from the event!

The picture is of Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon announcing the donation. The picture was the first detail to give away the fact that this was a press release but also reading the article helped me to conclude this thought. Sun staff writer Justin Fenton even quoted, "At an event outside City Hall Tuesday, Mayor Sheila Dixon and police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III said the money would enable the department to purchase portable command posts and enhance a cell-phone tracking system designed to solve violent crimes, particularly robberies.",0,7555378.story

Original Reporting:

I'm not exactly sure if I fully understand original reporting correctly or not but I believe that it's a news story shown through someones view point that actually experienced it. For example, people that were at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007 took amateur videos of events that occurred throughout the day and sent it into news teams. This would be an example of original reporting. I chose to attach a video from You Tube to further describe original reporting.

This video is an amateur video that someone recorded and sent in to news teams of Hurricane Ike passing through the Caribbean.

"Raw Video: Hurricane Ike Slams Into Caribbean" -

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jatwater said...

Original reporting is any story that is not generated by a news release or news conference. It's also a story that doesn't come in reaction to a story that someone else broke. As a reporter, when you find a story on your own, find your own sources, etc...that is an example of original reporting.