Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who I Am :)

Hi! My name is Katelyn! I'm a sophomore at Towson University where I am majoring in Mass Communications. I'm double tracking in Journalism/New Media and Public Relations. One day I hope to be a TV news reporter or a journalist for a major newspaper. Maybe even a talk show host because I like to talk. I chose to double track because I also think that PR is very interesting plus any fields in Mass Communications is competitive and the most experience I have the better, right?

I hope to get out of this class a better knowledge for the field of Journalism and New Media. I am excited to learn different styles of writing/techniques and to learn what it's like to interview people. This class seems very interesting and I'm excited for the semester!!

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Professor Atwater said...

Hi Katelyn,
It's nice to have you in class again! I think you will learn a lot about what you want to do--whether it's PR or journalism--in this class.